Shipping Rates

The cost of shipping is a flat $25. As soon as your pads are made, we ship them USPS Registered Priority Mail with a signature delivery. You must be home to sign for the package. There will be only be 3 delivery attempts made and if your package is returned, you have to pay for shipping again.

We can only send cash through the mail up to $1,000 per package. To send money over $1,000, there is an additional $25.00 shipping for each package, depending on the amount of purchase.

We also can only ship 3 Pads of Cash per package, regardless of amount. If you order more than 3 Pads of Cash, you will be contacted prior to shipping and the example rates below apply as well.

Note: This does not apply to full purchase price. This is only for the amount of actual cash in the pads being shipped.


$25 – $1000 – Standard Shipping (1 package)

$1,001 – $2,000 – Additional $25 (Total shipping is $50, 2 packages at $25 each)

$2,001 – $3,000 – Additional $50 (Total Shipping is $75, 3 packages at $25 each)

$3,001 – $4,000 – Additional $75 (Total Shipping is $100, 4 packages at $25 each)

$4,001 – $5,000 – Additional $100 (Total Shipping is $125, 5 packages at $25 each)

At checkout, you will only be charged for one package. If your order requires more than one package, we will contact you to collect the difference to ship your pads of cash. Make sure you give us a number you can be reached on the shipping form so there won’t be any confusion and you get your pads of cash on time.