Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pad of Cash?

Pad of Cash is a novelty way to give real money as a gift. Rather than stuffing money or a check into an envelope, we spruce it up for you into a unique gift. Each Pad of Cash is made to order and comes from your own money. To read more about how Pad of Cash works, click here!

I’ve never heard of this before. Do the Pads of Cash have real money or is it fake?

Pads of Cash are REAL money. We use brand new bills straight from the vault so they are nice and crisp. We simply take the money you would give as a gift or buy for yourself and make it into something awesome!

So basically you are offering a service and not selling money?

Absolutely. We DO NOT sell money. We take the money that you give us and apply our magic to it. You are paying for the service; you are NOT buying money.

How much money are in the Pads of Cash?

That depends on your order. If you order a $100.00 Pad of Cash, the pad will have $100.00 worth of different bills in it.

Are there any specific denominations in different pads?

No. All pads are mixed denominations.

What if I want a specific denomination of only certain bills?

We can do that for you! This would be a custom order and you can order that by clicking here and filling out the form. Please indicate what bills and in what order, if any.

I’ve ordered from you before and since I already have a case, can I just order a refill pad?

Yes! We offer refills as well. Contact us by clicking here and choose refill as the subject. Be sure to give us the information we need for the order. Also be sure to include contact information so we can call you and personally take your order and get your payment.

Why is there a $30.00 handling fee applied to each pad?

The $30.00 fee is what we charge to transform your money into a Pad of Cash. It’s what we do and it’s simply the cost of the service.

Why is the shipping fee $25.00 if it’s a 7-10 day turnaround?

Since we are shipping actual money, as soon as your Pad of Cash is made, we ship overnight to you via USPS and require signature delivery. You will be notified when we ship and you must be home to sign for it. For more shipping information and policies, click here.

Why are the PayPal fees included in the prices?

Since each Pad of Cash is made to order, we need the full amount of money you want in your pad on hand. PayPal charges a percentage for us to obtain your money, so we need those fees covered to insure we have the total amount needed.

I don’t want to pay PayPal fees. How can I avoid this?

You can contact us by filling out our form and make an order through us directly. We know that not everyone can afford the fees and we can make arrangements for other payment methods to avoid the PayPal costs to you and us.

I see you offer gift wrapping. Do you do special wrapping if I want a specific color or holiday style?

Yes we do! When you place your order, choose ‘General’ as your wrapping option and when you check out, enter the type of wrapping you want under ‘Special Instructions’ and anything else we should know.

I see names of people on the cover of the case. How long of a name can I fit?

The shorter the better. We prefer to use first names only as it’s a personal gift and if the name is too long, we won’t be able to fit it on the cover to make it look the best possible. If you have any concerns that a name will be too long, contact us and let us know what name you want to use and we can will let you know if we can fit it or not.

I received a Pad of Cash as a gift and I love it! I want to tell you all about it. Where do I leave feedback?

We are so happy you loved your Pad of Cash! You can send us feedback through out contact form by clicking here.